121 TCE

This is a  license plate number taken from a book I read a long time ago. The main character – a female – was being chased, followed or in some sort of peril and needed to remember the plate.  Considering her heightened state of anxiety, she decided an acronym would be the best recall method.  Totally Cease Expectation was chosen for the letters.  I have no idea what was used for 121, but that doesn’t matter.   By the way, she was on her way to a date.  So, I’m thinkin’ TCE was appropriate.

Or was it?

According to The Power of Positive Thinking  by Norman Vincent Peale – and every other positive thinking book out there –  you should always  Expect the Best and Get it – a chapter title.

So, what gives?

I’ll tell you – I have no clue.  Other than the fact that this is something I grapple with on a regular basis.  Basically, I consider myself a positive person. You know trying not to get too bogged down with the whole DG – daily grind.  And trying really, really hard to view that ‘glass as half-full’. Often my co-workers and friends disagree.  Maybe it’s my mumbling obscenities and grumbling unpleasentries.  I don’t know.  But, ya’ know, life is  messy. Sometimes that fucking glass is half-empty.  Remember I work customer service.  That alone could suck the zip out of any do-da-day.

Instead, I’ve decided that I am a realist.  I truly believe that both viewpoints are applicable, depending on the circumstances, of course.

When other people are involved, I expect absolutely nothing.  How can you? That has ‘fail’ written all over it.  Even when the task at hand is seemingly uncomplicated, I’m often  left scratching my head, mumbling, “how the hell did that happen?” And that’s with totally ceasing any expectations whatsoever.

As for myself, I always expect the best.  Getting it … , now that can be a work in progress.  But I keep trying.  I will be a New York Times Best Selling author soon.  This book of mine will rock the publishing world. ( Hint – Click the book cover icon in the upper right to buy the book if you haven’t already.) I just need to be patient.

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