265 Linn synopsis

               John David Smith is the self-proclaimed king of the Chicago business world. He has good reason to assume these accolades—he manages the most successful boutique investment firm in the world. Consequently, attaining such lofty status reaps its share of unforeseen calamities. Margaret Connors, J.D. Smith’s admin assistant, helps the best she can to control such damage. Unfortunately, she causes more than her fair share.

               Steven Porter, Pharm-D has just received a horrific blow to his already bent ego—the last in a long line of rejections: He was callously downsized from his corporate pharmaceutical position. So, Steve decides to follow his best friend John David back to Iowa to finish his MBA internship. When his wife accepts an overseas work assignment, his attempt to reclaim his life fails. Miserably. Change is always difficult—at age fifty-two, it definitely requires intervention.

               Captain Dependable Dan Brady has had his share of tragedy over his thirty-five years. His older brother James, John David’s college friend, died when Dan was young. Then, his wife, Abbie, succumbed to her long battle with cancer. Heeding advice from his mother, Dan decides to take advantage of being an Army veteran and attend college.

               When circumstances offer the opportunity for each college-bound enrollee to navigate their own crossroad, their paths collide head on. Worst of all, John David’s son, Max, is coerced to live his senior year of college with his father and this newly formed band of misfits.

               As with any new school year, an orientation introduces each main character, allowing insight into how they arrived at The Little House. Then, the real story begins. Over the course of two semesters, the events unfold like a playlist; highlighted song lyrics shape each chapter. Graduation forces them to go their separate ways. Fortunately, the now and forever bonds forged during their time together will never be broken.

Follow the characters as they deal with the past, present, and future of this once in a lifetime chance to regain control of their flawed realities.

               Welcome to 265 Linn—the walls don’t talk, but there is a story to be told!

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