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In 1896, pharmacist James P. Whitters set out to formulate a soothing nasal wash designed to deliver benefits beyond what standard saline solutions could provide without including the high levels of alcohol found in other products of the time.

The result was ALKALOL, a refreshingly strong saline wash that contains a select blend of natural extracts and aromatic oils to help dissolve mucus, clean and moisturize the nasal passages, and provide invigorating relief from the symptoms of allergies and colds

I have had allergies my whole life.  Relocating to Northern Michigan probably wasn’t the best idea. I truly believe I’m allergic to the entire state.  Oh well,  I ain’t movin’ any time soon.  So, I’s gots to deal. To be perfectly honest, I’ve been doing rather well  the last few years.  The transitional months – April/May then October/November haven’t even been that awful.  Thankfully,  I avoided the doctor and the gambit of antibiotics that start with a vowel.

Until 2017.

I’ve mentioned numerous times how deleting 2017 in it’s entirety would be fine with me.  Remember, I was on an antibiotic for over forty days and it wasn’t even March.  Yes, it began with a vowel. Ugh! Moreover, May has been the worst month yet for my sinuses especially the pressure.

Awhile back, this whole Neti Pot saline rinse product became the ‘thing’ to do.  I hesitated. The concept seemed plausible, but I  just couldn’t wrap my brain around how using a damn teapot to flush your nose could work.  What a mess.  Besides, a normal saline solution never seemed to work for my schnoz.  Then, my doctor introduced me to ALKALOL and I decided to give it a try.  He suggested I use a nasal aspirator/squeeze bottle as opposed to that messy contraption shit thing.  Good news – It worked.  ALKALOL is amazingly refreshing.

I closed the previous post with my promise that this entry would be a bit more positively charged.  I realize talking doctors office, antibiotics, and sinus issues are not the happiest of topics to discuss.  But, ALKALOL is. Really.  Just squirt that shit up the nose and those sinuses are free to breathe again. What can be more optimistic than that?

Well, probably a lot of things.  However, I did make the effort to take the high road even when talking shop.  Furthermore, I didn’t use the word ‘hate’ once in this post.

To close, I chose a nose related movie clip from Roxanne that is just fun.  The entire movie is comic genius which made it really, really hard to choose just one.

twenty something betters

Since I’m working on my timing, a post about Spring allergies in May  is quite appropriate.  And, I promise to ramp things up even more in the next post.  After that, everything will be … hoppy?

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