“It’s amazing. I cannot get left.”

It wasn’t Big Ben, Parliament, or even  Europe.  It was Kentucky and the biggest horse show/extravaganza ever –  BreyerFest 2014.  My youngest daughter collects the horses and wanted to attend the annual shin-dig.  So, we did.  And, once again, I was reminded how wonderful it is to be stuck in the car for a 10 hour car ride with your entire family.

That being said, on with my random vacation diary, so to speak.

As I’ve mentioned before, I don’t have a cell phone.  We do have Trac Phones for the necessities.  Therefore, we don’t have a wireless network.  So, that 10 hour car ride was pretty boring.  Luckily we did have a DVD player.  Books and actually listening to every song on a CD were quite refreshing.  Boppin’ around town, I often play my favorite tracks and forget the rest of the songs on the album.  Being stuck in the car for that length of time makes you appreciate why certain songs are not popular.

The license plate game is limited on immediate entertainment value, but progressive.  We found lots of states at the ole’ Kentucky Horse Park in Lexington.   Rhode Island, West Virginia, and Idaho are usually the tough ones.  Don’t even get me started on Hawaii.  Though we did see one of those.

I am and always will be confused at THIS EXIT and NEXT EXIT.  I’m often in a panic on whether THIS EXIT is the NEXT EXIT or NEXT EXIT is THIS EXIT.  When I road tripped in college, my friends attempted to explain this, but often I found examples to prove them wrong.   So, NEXT TOPIC.

Or would it be THIS TOPIC?

Sorry.  Couldn’t pass that one up.

Finally, I’ve decided that vacations seem to potentiate individualistic nuances that make each one of us special in our own way.  In other words, the littlest things that would normally never bother me at home, drive me up the fucking wall when I’m on vacation.  Maybe it’s conditioning, expectations, patience, or lack of, or a combination.  For me, I think it’s this inane assumption that my family will magically change into this, I don’t know, Pizarro family that will actually enjoy being together.  It’s vacation for Pete’s sake.

Still, we did have fun.  Well, I did.   So did my daughter who initiated the whole trip.  That’s really all that counts.  And, though the rest of them bitched up a storm that we had to drive 10 hours to go to a stupid Horse show, they all had fun.  Splashing in the pool by the fire pit on a beautiful summer evening was … priceless.


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