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A few weeks back my son outed me.  No, it’s nothing that scandalous. However, the ramifications of his observation could get me in some legal trouble.  Again.  So, I am setting things straight. (pun intended)

I sent him the link to my blog when I posted about the plain white t-shirt.  He was the one who introduced me to that SNL short. I thought he would get a kick out of the usage.  He only reads my blog periodically. He’s twenty years old and a full-time student – totally understandable.  And, … I’m good with that.

The next time we talked, he mentioned the entry.  We commented on Ben Stiller’s hair and about the fact that it was probably  intentional.  Then, he paused.  “You didn’t cite your source when you archived the history of the t-shirt,” he said nonchalantly. I was proud of his due diligence.  After I acknowledged his insight, I stated that I had block quoted the information.  By doing so, I informally told the blogging world that those were NOT my words.   It’s. The. Internet.  That particular blurb was from Wikipedia, if I remember correctly. Everything on that site, and the internet for that matter,  is true. (note: sarcasm) Thus, the basis for my lack of … concern.

Later that day, I thought about what he had said and reexamined my responsibilities as a blogger.

  • I include the link where I find my material – usually immediately following the information. I never technically ‘cite my source’ though.
  • I ALWAYS attempt to find a musical link supplied by VEVO , the artist’s website, or ‘Official’ Videos.  A video ‘fueled by Ramon‘ just doesn’t work for me.   Piracy is BAD.  I would never knowingly engage in such activity.
  • I block out direct quotes or material I don’t paraphrase.
  • when I do a bullet-point presentation, the information is from numerous websites, then reworded.
  • this is an informal blog – usually including my rambling Random Nonsense.  So, if anyone wants to take what I say seriously, they’re just fucking stupid.
  • I casually mention the author/reference in the text. i.e. – the garlic soup recipe was from Martha Stewart.  Yes, I should’ve documented that it was from  meatless  from the kitchens of martha stewart living.  But, I think “this is a Martha recipe” is suitable for my purposes.  Besides, I am referencing an icon – feeding egos is important. (pun  intended)
  • lastly, I googled it.  According to a non-practicing lawyer (whatever that is), I’m good.  I regularly do more than the average blogger.  So, I’m really good.

Since I’m talking blog. I saw the Blog Master recently. My site still looks the same –  which is fine. But I’s been updated.  WordPress version 4.9.4, baby.  I’m still getting used to the nuances of the new format. Some links – especially those ‘Official’ music videos – appear as Official Videos not as highlighted stupid comment of mine that go to the site.  It’s a bit cumbersome, but I’ll deal.

Speaking of that, my daughter found a ‘spicy’ , yet appropriately themed musical video about my alleged blogging altercation.

Final verdict – innocent. Commence blogging.

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