Another MasterCard Moment – Iowa style

I traveled to the University of Iowa in Iowa City, IA this past weekend for my twenty-fifth College of Pharmacy Reunion.  Yes, I said twenty-fifth AND, yes, I am that old.  I wanted to create the perfect post possible to commemorate the occasion.  However, it’s been a crazy week and I simply need more time.  But I never want to neglect ‘the blog’.  When I first started, I was told that ‘the blog’ should be attended to at least once a week.  Since time is clearly NOT on my side right now, I will attend to my blogging duties the MasterCard way –

cheapest gas:                                            $2.95/gal in Grand Rapids, MI – that’s cheap

most expensive toll:                                  $3.60 in Aurora, DeKalb AND Dixon, IL – that’s a lot of money

bottled water at Kinnick Stadium:           $6.00 – that’s a Holy Shit!

reconnecting with college friends:           priceless

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