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Condition – I think the previously posted images define this condition adequately.  Though I’m unhappy with the presentation.  It appears … incomplete.  I wanted to incorporate the graphics with this text as I did for RBF, but it was too cumbersome to do so.  Oh, well, SBS happens.

Topic Overview – First and foremost, I suffer, and am forever traumatized, from this horrible aliment.  I’m not the only one.  It starts with an innocent, seemingly random, sneeze.  Then another; sputum spraying everywhere.  Congested, raspy voices break down communication  between fellow employees AND unsuspecting patrons.  Dust dances through the air like dandelion seeds playfully released from the soft breath of a blonde, pig-tailed little girl in a prairie field.   Unfortunately, nothing about this scenario is cute. Instead, it’s ugly.  Toxic allergens wreak havoc … .


I just can’t do that over-the-top dramatic shit. I was trying to be funny in a futile attempt so this post would be more entertaining.  But, I’m failing big time, man.  Besides, even on their best days, my fellow employees can’t communicate properly with anyone – let alone the damn customers.  Hell, everyone is a trainwreck at the corner of ‘Dysfunctional and Medicated’.

Be that as it may, this SBS shit is totally legit.


  • Air quality in most workplaces is just awful, especially the pharmacy. The fan/blower is constantly circulating .  The ‘Maintenance Department’s’ standard response is “the filters are changed” and “we’ll get someone out to clean those ducts.  Soon.”  Liar. I’d rather the person just tell the truth and say no one will ever be out to do anything about the issue.
  • Lighting – Between the incandescent lighting and the brightness/contrast issues with the computer screens, I’m just fucked.  Luckily, good vision was a familial trait I thankfully inherited.  Ocular Migraines – not so much.
  • While I’m ranting – the ergonomics at the pharmacy really suck, too.  Once again, there is NO available resource that can correct this problem.

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=t261Gbk-efA   *

Treatment Options

  • complain to management – yeah, that works just dandy.
  • treat symptoms with various over-the-counter products.  While your at it, buy stock in selected sundry manufacturing  companies.  Your investment portfolio will thank you with a nice ROI.
  • For me, continuing NOT to do Continuing Education helps my situation.  Come June 30 2016 I’ll be symptom free.

References –

*   This is a really bad short (movie).  When I searched SBS on YouTube for something fun in another attempt to make this post something fun, I found this.  Well, it isn’t fun and has nothing to do with SBS. Except the title – go figure.  Hopefully the post is better than the video.

B-Rated it is!

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