float like a butterfly, sting like a bee

This really isn’t about Muhammad Ali.  But, it is about boxing.  Kind of. You see, I often struggle with fun, yet appropriate titles.  So when I come across a catchy phrase that has anything remotely related to my topic, I run with it.

Round One

I thought about taking boxing lessons some years back.  Unfortunately, life got in the way.  It’s very time consuming AND expensive.  Still, my interest for alternative training techniques is ever present.  The gym I frequent has a heavy boxing bag.  Every now and then I’d see random people spar with it. And, I would pause, wondering about the possibility of doing it myself. I was hesitant.  My agility and coordination, or lack thereof, thwarted any concentrated effort.

Within the past several months, a few gym junkies I know have commented about the workout punching that damn heavy bag provided. So, when I entertained the thought again, I did more than pause.  Considering my last opportunity to shake up my routine almost landed me in the slammer, I decided to be a bit more conservative when choosing my next challenge.

After I googled what I needed to know, I committed to the task.  Hell, I even went and purchased my own gloves.  The community gloves that the gym supplies are gross.  I  began ‘training’ on off hours when fewer patrons were around.  The rhythm needed to perform boxing bag basics is difficult to master. In no way did I want to look like I was doing a Richard Simmons aerobic routine instead of Cassius Clay beating the shit out an opponent.

Round Two

Power Punching is a great way to build muscle in the shoulders, arms and back. By adding heavy body strikes and uppercuts, you can also target your pectorals, biceps and traps, giving you a complete upper-body workout.

boxing bag basics – 101

Benefits Of Heavy Bag Training
  • Improve Aerobic Fitness.
  • Improve Power.
  • Improve Coordination, & Core Stability.
  • Improve Boxing Technique.
  • Develop Self Defense Skills.
  • Improve Body Shape.
  • Decrease Stress.
  • A Low Cost Activity, Requiring Minimal Equipment.

Training Tips

  • Pay attention – LOOK at the bag
  • Keep your balance
  • Punch DON’T push the bag – you want a snapping SMACK sound when you punch it and not a dull THUD sound.
  • GROUND your feet while punching – MOVE your feet when you’re NOT punching.
  • Don’t wait – ALWAYS throw punches.  This separates the boys from the men, baby.
  • Less power, more breathing  –  Power comes from good technique, endurance comes from good breathing.
  • Keep your hands up – wrist solid when striking the bag.
  • Throw 3-6 punches – Throwing 3 to 6 punches at a time is the sweet spot. Throwing combinations keeps up the rhythm.

Round Three
Enough random rhetoric – commence training.  I’m thinking my potential Richard Simmons days are behind me. Thankfully.  I may not  float any time soon, but I’s got me a nasty sting. ( insert: manly grunt)

Knock Out

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