Bored Games

Actually, I’m referring to Board Games, of course.  Remember those things that  you played when you were younger BEFORE Candy Crush Save Pinky? Yes, they still make them AND people still play them.  Well, we do.  But then, we can be a bit odd at times.

Since there have been like 5 million snow days this season and the temperature hasn’t reached 20 degrees, our family continues to search for ways to beat the ‘cabin fever’.  You know it’s bad when your teenage son says, “this is a bit ridiculous,” when the topic of another snow day comes up.  “We should be in school.”  I realize I should’ve recorded that statement for posterity sake, but I didn’t.  Oh, well.

Back to the board games.

Our staple go-to game is Scattergories.  It’s faster paced and fun.  We can get a solid three rounds in before the fighting begins or the attention spans wane.  For our family, that’s great.  Unfortunately, the task  is still too much for my youngest to tackle alone.  So, she pairs up with me.  I love it, of course.  However, she feels ‘left out’.  By the way, my wife gets upset that I don’t turn the paper over and use the back.  I like number-lined, factory issued paper.  Imagine that.

Sorry is another option.  It’s a bit longer, but  still well-paced.   On the plus side, it’s great to listen to your spouse and children actually apologize.  Granted, it’s required.  Still, that one little word is wonderful to hear. On the flip side, it’s only a four player game.  We have five.

The other night we actually played The Game of LIFE.  Ugh, I hate that game.  You can make all the generalizations you want, I don’t care.  It’s long and boring.  Besides, I’m living it.  Why on earth do I want to PLAY it in my spare time?  Get married – Have children – Mid-life crisis – start new career.  Wow.   I should play that every night!  Did I say my wife was the banker?  That was fun. Insert sarcastic tone.  For me, the only plus side was that I landed on ‘write best-seller collect $80,000’.   And, I picked the LIFE title card – Write Great American Novel -$150,000. Now, if  real life  only imitated the board game LIFE, my new career would start AND my Mid-life crisis would be over.

We haven’t played Monopoly in a while.  No idea why.  Just don’t think about it.  I do like the different kinds of Monopoly games though.  Traverse City has it’s own version – Cherryopoly.

Lastly, you can never underestimate Scrabble.  It’s a fine game.  Though with five players that game can be a bit … cramped?!

That’s it for the board game commentary.  I wouldn’t want anyone to get bored with my post.


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