introductions, please

By the way, my name is Adam Thomas. I’m thirty-seven. Married, happily married that is, to Valerie. When I say that I really do mean it. We have a great relationship – something we both appreciate and neither of us takes for granted. We have nine-year-old twins named Kurt and Kathryn. Kurt was technically the first born. For a while Kathryn insisted Kurt pushed her out of the way. Now she is content with the fact that the best was saved for last.

I have a charmed life. But, this is something I, correction Val and I, have created and we have worked very hard to maintain. A simple life, but charmed nonetheless. More on the wife and kids later. They are an integral part of the story and what happens directly affects them. Still, it’s my story. Though I’m not the egomaniac that last sentence makes me out to be. Really.


Yes, this IS another book plug

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