“ That there Clark is what they call an RV.”

First of all, I am not an Uncle Eddie fan by any means.  And don’t even get me started on Randy Quaid.  I’m sure the Canadian Police don’t want to talk about him either.  They just want him behind bars.  For the record, the original  Vacation was the best.  Haven’t seen the 2015 remake yet – heard I’m not missing much.

Now, onto the genesis for this post.

I hate RV’s .  I hate tourists, too.  But the tourists (or those Florida Snowbird people) that drive or tow  those big fucking RV things are the worst.  Throw in the words, “I forgot my prescription.” And, well, that has innate and expressive all over it.

One beautiful, Northern Michigan morning I was perfectly synched to get to work  – which is an enviable 4.5miles from my house  – with enough time to eat my donut without interruption.  Then, I got caught behind an RV.  Did I say that I hate RVs? Well, I do.  Especially this particular RV because  I was not able to enjoy my donut that morning.   To amuse myself, I attempted to turn this anger into something more positive and blog about it.  I decided to write down the names of all the RVs I saw driving around town, hoping to incorporate that into a funny ‘rant’.

  • Wildwood DHX
  • the Admiral
  • Rockwood – Signature
  • Jay Flight

my favorite – the El Monte RV  going places with smiling faces

These are just a few of the models I recorded in a relatively short time span.  Oh, by the way, that smiling faces shit was ON THE RV.  Note: I wasn’t smiling.

Unfortunately, the Un-random Nonsense of my life took over.  And, well, let’s just say … my shitter was full.


I e-mailed  a friend of mine, requesting assistance.  I had the post theme but drew a complete blank on how to present it.  I didn’t want to ‘hate’ on tourist and RV’s for an entire post.  That can be funny, but it can  also get old pretty quick.  Fortunately, my friend came through immediately.

“First thing that came to my mind”, he wrote, “was Cousin Eddie from Christmas Vacation.”
And, he was correct.  R. Sod you totally Rock – Thanks!
About six months  back I included a clip from European Vacation in a different post.  So, I’m thinkin’  a clip from the original will have to be worked in somewhere down the line.
There you have it.  The summer hate rant.  My shitter is now … relieved.
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