My Sounds of the Season

I subscribe to Entertainment Weekly magazine.  Often, when some random, yet entertainment-significant person reviews current music  he/she states that the song being reviewed would be on ‘the soundtrack of said reviewers’  life’.   I began thinking of my album/CD collection, especially the ones I grab for road trips and then the staples I always keep in my car.  I then came to the conclusion that I could never have just one soundtrack.

This ‘Soundtrack of My Life’ concept is something that will require much thought, yet something I will enjoy thinking about.  Right now it’s less than three weeks before Christmas and I literally have nothing done.  So I decided to focus on Christmas albums/songs to keep in tune with the season.

When I say I have a lot of Christmas CD’s, that is an understatement.  I blame my mother.  Which isn’t a bad thing.  She has quite the Christmas cassette and 8 track tape collection.  And yes, she probably still has the original cassettes / 8 track tapes AND the devices to listen to them.  Can you tell where I get my techno-savvy from?

Anyway, I do recognize the fact that there are some really bad Christmas albums out there  performed by artists that have now business doing a Christmas anything.  That being said, I want to highlight my favorites – four albums, three artists, two songs, and … a partridge in a pear tree?

Four albums:

A Christmas Album   by   Amy Grant

Home for Christmas   by   Amy Grant

Christmas Portrait   by   The Carpenters

  December   by   George Winston

Three artists:

  • Amy Grant is like the queen of Christmas albums.  And she should be.  I’ve never been a Christian Rock fan.  It’s like Country for me.  Though I am slowly getting into some cross-over Country.  Regardless, her voice is just amazing.
  • Karen Carpenter has always been a favorite of my mother’s.   What more needs to be said?  Her voice was simple, classic yet precise. A true raw talent.  Did I say my mother really liked her?
  • I saw George Winston in concert once.  I fell asleep.  But that’s kind of … a compliment?  It was a very nice, peaceful nap.  The only other thing I remember about the concert was that after every song he would stand, walk out from behind the piano and bow.  Quirky, but who cares.  Also, some of his songs can be ‘tinny’ – especially Carol of the Bells, but who cares.  There’s always the ‘next selection’ button.

Two songs:

Some Children See Him” performed by James Taylor.  I’m a huge JT fan.  Yet when he released his Christmas album I was hesitant, thinking that he was one of the artists that should not do Christmas albums.  But, I was wrong.  It’s different and well done, especially this song.

Do You Hear What I Hear” performed by Jim Brickman, featuring Anne Cochran and Tracy Silverman from Peace.  It’s simply beautiful.

Now, about that partridge thing … .

Well, it is hunting season AND I hear it taste like chicken.

I’m kidding – okay.


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