Dishwasher safe

Our dishwasher broke.  Not one of those – change a belt / call it fixed broke.  We are talkin’ – more money to fix / than to buy a new one broke.  Even worse, this is our THIRD dishwasher in fourteen years.  Little did we know that appliances are now manufactured to be repaired or replaced.  Silly me for thinking otherwise, eh?  So, we purchased  a new dishwasher.  Until it arrives and installed, dishes need to washed.  And, I ain’t doing it.

background tidbits about me and dish washing –

  • growing up,  our dishwasher was always broken. Consequently, I did my fair share of dishes.
  •  I actually enjoy the chore – it’s an instant accomplishment/gratification task.   You have this big, fucking pile of dirty dishes – add a little soap and water.  Check that off the to do list.
  • pots and pans are my favorite thing to wash.  Bar Keeper’s Friend totally rocks.
  • I hate silverware – always have, always will.  Opposite end of that accomplishment/gratification scale – a lot of work; not very visually satisfying.
  • salad fork tines are very sharp – there was an incident.  No stitches were needed, but it really hurt.  By the way, I’m a bleeder.
  • Freud would have a field day with my background tidbits.  And, with me for that matter.

Fortunately, the news of our dishwashers  demise had little, if any, impact on my children.  Being a parent, I found this to be … interesting and blog worthy, of course.  So, in the spirit of Freud, I offer my …

parental observations of dish drying habits of my children

  • the child that talks the most on a regular basis, talked the least while drying.  Conversely, the child that talks the least, talked the most.  And, I loved every second,  having the best conversation about nothing that meant everything.
  • my youngest daughter was the only child that put the dishes away as she dried them.  The other two ( older children) stacked the dried dishes up before putting them away.  Hmmm… .
  • the child that does the least amount of housework, stated that there was no need to buy a new dishwasher.  Her reason – she would do them.  Only when she wanted too, though.  Oddly enough, the child who does the most asked how soon the new dishwasher would be delivered.
  • none of my children have inherited my hatred of eating utensils.  Though I have noticed, the silverware is usually left to ‘air dry’ and never put away.
  • no one has complained once about the chore.  However, when we had the dishwasher, it was a constant, nagging battle to get the kids to load the damn thing without an exasperated sigh.

Originally, I was going to title this post – top rack only.  Then realized, that could be … misinterpreted.?

Freud would probably have something to say about that.  Or, he would just ‘throw in the towel’ and let me air dry.

I realize I recently highlighted a song from Jack Johnson.  I strive to keep it eclectic and fresh.   But when an artist can sing a song about Blueberry Pancakes AND Washing Dishes … .  What IS a blogger supposed to do?

Jack Johnson – Washing Dishes

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