early season conditions exist

Well, I’m back from skiing in Aspen/Snowmass.  And it was amazing – great trip.  My wife and I often discuss the real definition of the word ‘annual’ when referencing the ski trip.  I am already looking forward to 2014.  Not sure if she is, though?!

On the plane I had an opportunity to catch up on some magazine reading, especially ski magazines.  One particular article caught my attention and I feel compelled to share.

The below is from the February 2013 Skiing . Apparently it was an article celebrating the 65th anniversary issue and it gathered ‘tips, hints, lessons, and tricks that will enrich and inform your experience’ from real skiers.  Here are some of the highlights of the ‘Skiers 65’.

Spray Dry                    Spray Pam on your jeans to make them waterproof.


Mind Fido                   Be careful skiing with your dog.  Your edges are giant knife blades right at paw level.


What she said           Don’t take off your ski gear.  Guys are way cuter in their gear.


Avoid baggage          If you meet a girl a week before you’re supposed to move West, don’t  let her move

                                 out there with you.


Shamelessly              Success as a ski bum comes down to two things: time management and a good

                                budget. Never work more hours than you ski, and never be afraid to sell blood or


Note – each excerpt had name/location of author.


Ski on!  

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