My Favorite Posts 2015

So, it’s that time again when I highlight my favorite offerings from the previous ‘year’.  My actual blog anniversary date is early July, but that seems like it’s getting pushed back more and more each year.  Like with the previous post, this entry was in ‘draft’  status before my ‘blogous interruptus’ .   After, it wasn’t even close.  Oh, well, that’s the Random Nonsense that  is  this blog and life, for that matter.

On with the chronological countdown –

08-20-2014     Ode to Idaho     Potatoes remain at the top of the food pyramid as far as I’m concerned.  Just the other day, I sautéed garlic and Swiss chard, then added a ‘spud’ to complete the flavor profile.  Anything that can make Swiss chard taste good totally rocks.   

09-29-2014     The Underachiever’s Manifesto     Those Overachievers really need to get over themselves.  Like I stated in the post, I would never classify myself as either.  I just want to achieve.

10-15-2014     Another MasterCard Moment – Iowa Style

10-22-2014     The Underachiever’s Reunion Post     I still “haven’t changed a bit”.  But change is good.  Right?  I’m thinking I’m due for some changing very soon.

11-11-2014     “The wales have aligned.”     My closet is purged of almost all that is corduroy.  I’m having a hard time parting with the L.L. Bean and  Eddie Bauer corduroy shirts though; fall/winter staple for this un-fashionista.   Remeber I live in Northern Michigan.  Sometimes, corduroy is a necessity?

12-16-2014     office time     Summer was a bad season for office time.  There was none.  Looking forward to school starting and my wife … .   Need to be careful what I write here.  Two words: damage control.

01-15-2015     The Morning Scramble

06-28-2015     Clouds in my Coffee     Carley Simon DID make it onto that album post.  Kind of.  And, coffee will always taste amazing.  I was just introduced to INTELLIGENTSIA Librarian’s Blend (decaf).   Very smooth.

02-12-2015     Be My …. Belated Christmas Card     This was the post of the last ‘year’.  I just hope I can be as creative for this year’s annual card.

05-07-2015     Cello! How are you?     The Piano Guys are performing at Interlochen soon.  Totally stoked.

07-09-2015     10.333 Albums and 1 exception     Unfortunately, this post wasn’t all that I wanted.   Oh, well.  Taylor Swift will always remind me of wonderful times with my daughters.

07-23-2015     1965

07-30-2015     This Yiffie is fifty    Very proud of this post and my milestone birthday.  Those folks in denial of aging say fifty is the new forty.  I’m not wanting to repeat my forties by any means.  So,  bring it, baby.   I AM ready.

Honorable mentions

05-20-2015     I’ve come un…galvanized     My buns aren’t steel, … yet.  Butt they’re looking p-r-e-t-t-y good.

06-03-2015     Damage Control     I’ve realized Damage Control is a reality in both my professional AND personal life.   Insert heavy sigh  Unfortunately, it ain’t going away any time soon.  Insert even heavier sigh

06-11-2015     innate and expressive  I still think women are way more ‘ innate and expressive’ than men.  They’ll probably deny it, though.  Hell, they probably came up with that ‘fifty is the new forty’ bullshit, too.

Well, I’m ready for another ‘year’.  Remember I’m thinking change – positive change.  Don’t worry.  It’s all good.   Besides, I’ll keep you ‘posted’ .

Once again thanks for continuing to follow.

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