Five star review for 265 Linn

5.0 out of 5 stars


Life is full of chances taken, roads not followed and detours that can derail what we thought our lives would be. Follow the residents of 265 LINN as their temporary home becomes a springboard to self-discovery, life’s adventures and learning to go with the flow, or if the path less taken is what one desires, to have the courage to forge forward with renewed strength.

Robert Bradshaw may not be a household name in the world of independent authors, but he deserves to be as he can tell a story that is as entertaining as it is relatable in the scheme of life or the life we live sometimes in our minds, thoughts, dreams.

A group of friends are all invited to share a life changing experience with a wealthy friend who is generous to a fault. To call them a band of misfits is the perfect description as they take their scrambled lives to a new state, new experiences and an opportunity for a direction do-over.

Pleasantly surprising at how highly entertaining and quirky this one can be, there is a love story, a new understanding between family members, the courage to boldly go into unchartered territories and secrets revealed.

I loved each character, they were flawed, human, far from what their stations in life would label them to be and the vulnerability was off the charts! In a perfect world we would all have secret pillars of strength to lean on, someone to give us the tools to “fix” what needs to be fixed and a seemingly endless pot of gold to do it with, if necessary.

A fun read that kept me reading, often smiling and feeling like I was part of this story or least wanting to be! We all need an escape from life, to come back to reality feeling good is the icing on the cake! Robert Bradshaw has given a place to go to and the address is 265 LINN!

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