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Well, it’s officially summer.  However, I started my ‘beach’ reading a few month back.  My daughter recommends the majority of the books I read.  She knows what I would like and primarily, what I would tolerate in a story.  CAUTION: she has specific criteria for loaning a book.  In fact, I’m not allowed to borrow her hard covers. She insists I manhandle books, dog earring pages and creasing spines – even if it is ever so slightly.  Gasp! Yes, I’ve even spilled  a few drops of coffee on a page … or two. Bigger gasp!  That’s how I roll, man.  In this case, that’s how I read.  Anyway, I respect her nuances.  She cares for her books, enjoying everything about the reading process.  What more could an author father want?

Geekerella   by Ashley Poston

A retelling of the classic Cinderella story right down to a food truck named the Magic Pumpkin.  Geekerella is a modern day version where the characters are enthralled in the magic of  fandom. Elle is a second generation geek who grew up watching Starfield, the classic sci-fi series, with her late father.  When Darien Freeman, a teen super-star who is really a closet fandom geek himself,  gets cast as the male lead in the blockbuster movie, fandom, led by none other than blogger Elle, is in an uproar.  As fairy tale luck would have it, the two accidentally connect via texting.  Their relationship flourishes as does the pratfalls that complicate both their lives.

My daughter definitely liked this story more than myself.  But, it was fun and enjoyable.

Murder on the Orient Express   by Agatha Christie

This was a collaborative want-to-read.  Entertainment Weekly showcased a ‘first look’ at the movie of the same name opening in November.  My daughter read the book first, as always.  Since it was available in paperback, and the library version was checked out, she allowed me to read the copy I purchased for her.  Yes, I totally manhandled it, okay?  Unintentionally, of course.  I often fall asleep when reading.  The book drops out of my hand, I drool … .  It ain’t pretty.

Express is a classic read still able to hold it’s own in today’s tech savvy world.  The best part, we now have a father daughter date for the movie come November.

 Camino Island   by John Grisham

This choice was all me.  Contrary to popular belief, I AM capable of such decisions.  I haven’t read a Grisham book in a while. The story lines he has chosen for his last several novels weren’t of interest to me.  Don’t get me wrong, this dude can write a great tale.  But, … wasn’t feelin’ the last few books. I’m certain this read won’t disappoint me though. A priceless book is stolen from the Princeton library vault.   The insurance company, government, AND whomever else want it found before it is sold on the black market underground and never seen again.  There’s probably a love story weaved in there somewhere.  Since he IS Grisham and NOT Nicholas Sparks, I can totally deal.

Well, that’s it for the recap on my summer bookings.   The only other thing that would make my summer complete is My Life on a few Kindle bookshelves as well.

Keep cool and read on!

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