My halls are alive with the sound of music

No, this isn’t another post about my house or Carrie Underwood’s rendition of the beloved musical.  Though the last Winter Storm produced enough snow drifts to physically narrow my drive.  As for the latter,  I never saw the scandalous event and have no idea what the commotion was about.  What I’m referring to is my Denon CD player.  It was part of  ‘the stereo system’ purchased over twenty years ago. My first big purchase as a college graduate.  I bought a car immediately, of course.  It was needed to get to and from the job.  The stereo system, however, was the luxury item that validated my transition from starving college student status.  I’ve enjoyed it ever since.  And, yes, I still buy CD’s.

During our Christmas party last year -2012, my trusty CD player just stopped dead.  So dead that the cartridge holding six discs wouldn’t even disengage.  It didn’t disrupt the party and I really didn’t think about it afterward.  A few months later, we changed things up in the house and moved the electronics into the basement.   Spring came and went.  Summer was even busier; then school.  Before we knew it we were looking for that certain  Amy Grant Christmas CD.  Never guess where it was – yep stuck inside the player.

I contacted the only place to fix such devices here in Traverse.  Within a week or so the discs were out AND Amy Grant was once again serenading us with her lovely voice.  By the way, I’ve never been a Christian Rock fan, but Amy Grant’s Christmas albums are amazingly wonderful.

One last funny, self-mocking tidbit.  When I dropped off the CD Player, I was a bit embarrassed that I waited as long as I had to service the device.  “July would’ve been the perfect time to fix it, of course.  But, no, I waited until the last minute.  I make fun of people that do this kind of shit.”  All the technician could do was nod and smile awkwardly.

Now,  I can listen to music in the house that I  want to listen to.  Remember I have children -our tastes are quite different.  I’ve rediscovered some favorites.  One I choose to spotlight at this particular moment.

John Boswell is an incredible pianist.  Unfortunately, I think he broke into the recording scene at the same time as Jim Brickman and never  received the recognition he deserved.  As far as I’m concerned, every Jim Brickman album sounds the same.  Not with Boswell.  Yes, there is a certain theme or similarity between songs on each individual album.  This is the case with most recording artists.  However, the albums sound very different.  My favorite of his is   Kindred Spirits.  However a sampling of that was unavailable.  Well there was one song available to select, but the background still was a bit … weird.  Instead I included a link to a collection of his songs.  If you just put it on background, then you don’t have to have his ‘face’ staring back at you; kinda creepy.  I realize there are ways to make it work but with my limited computer skills and lack of … interest to better myself, that’s all I’s gots to offer.  Just hit the damn link and listen. It’s really good.


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