Ho-ho-holiday Movie guide

Last year I did a Holiday Music review (My Sounds of the Season 12-08-2014).  While the Carpenters and Amy Grant still jingle my December listening bell,  right now I want to focus on Holiday movies.  And, believe me, there are quite a few.  So many in fact, I could probably crank out another post next year.  Then again, maybe not.  Especially since I just received  Entertainment Weekly which included a feature article on this very subject.

The offerings below are probably the most watched for my family over the years.  Are they my top five? Really not sure.  These are just a few I rattled off immediately.  Anything above that would be more thought than I am capable of right now.  Probably more thought than any readers care about, too.  It’s the holiday season.  And everyone is sooo jolly. (note: sarcastic tone)

That being said – on with the list.  By the way, I did check the alphabetical order twice.

A Charlie Brown Christmas   Linus’ oration about the meaning of Christmas is perfection.  Let alone for a Peanuts movie made in like 1965.  But then 1965 was a very good year.  Always remember the doctor IS in.  However, that nickel won’t go too far nowadays.

Elf     I’ve never been a Will Farrell fan, but he delivers more than spaghetti sautéed in maple syrup in this movie.  “Buddy the elf, what’s your favorite color?” is still an all time classic line.  The whole movie just kinda works for me.   A side note – Zoey Deschumel released a Christmas album – A Very She & Him Christmas.  Luckily I sampled it before purchasing – a bit monotonous? Regardless, she rocks that shower scene.

The Holiday     Cameron Diaz, Jude Law, Kate Winslett and jack Black in a Nancy Meyers’ holiday movie.  Really, how can you go wrong?  Yes, it’s predictable, but the cast is wonderful.  Believe it or not, under this retail hardened persona , “I’m a major weeper“. (British accent implied)

Love Actually     I love the idea of this movie, but rarely watch it.  Conceptually, it’s spot on; a talented cast woven into a ensemble storyline that  crescendos  into the be-all of ensemble endings.   This was even EW’s top pick.  Unfortunately, the hard reality of at least three of those ensemble side-storylines are almost too sad.  Yes, there’s hope, but … .

The Santa Clause     Tim Allen as a bumbling Santa Claus at the height of his comic popularity is just sheer entertainment.  Unfortunately,  Hollywood decided two sequels would be a good idea.  But for this post – those movies never happened, and I never acknowledged their existence.  The original is just fun.  Especially when he gets shot down by Judy, a 1200 year old elf, after complimenting her on the hot chocolate she prepared.  “Thanks.  But, I’m seeing someone in wrapping.”  Comic Genius.

Since I mentioned Bing Crosby in the previous post, I felt obligated to acknowledge White Christmas.  It’s White  Christmas.  It kinda needs to be acknowledged when highlighting holiday movies.


Happy Ho-ho-holiday Watching!

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