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Summer is winding down, but until September 21, it’s fair game to still talk summer even if the weather AND Labor Day contend otherwise.  Besides, I lost a few weeks when I was hijacked.  So work with me here.

Let’s talk weddings.  Summer / Fall is usually the time to say “I do.”  Take me for example, I did on  September 25, 1993; twenty-two years and counting, and counting and … counting.

Another I did was to attend two very nice summer weddings.

The first was a family wedding in Milwaukee, WI.  I hate Milwaukee, but it was my nephew and she’s  a Cheesehead.  So, you go to Milwaukee for the wedding.  Oddly enough, I think she’s lactose intolerant.  Hmmm.  My family decided to make a vacation out of it, traveling to The University of Wisconsin, Madison beforehand.   Remember I went to Iowa.  This really wasn’t a conflict of interest for me because Iowa clearly dominates Wisconsin in every aspect.  Yes, Wisconsin had a good Basketball team last year, but that by no means makes up for previous years or decades or … .  I could continue , but this post is about weddings not Big Ten rivalry.

The ceremony was at an Art Museum.  The reception followed at a restaurant/banquet facility in the heart of Milwaukee.  Big city weddings are just that – BIG.  The reception didn’t disappoint.  Neither did my brother.  His ineptness trying to casually ‘slip in’ because he arrived late amused my children endlessly.  All in all, it was a great time.

One little tidbit about Iowa. I did attend many weddings during and after going to college there.  Like I stated above, everything I had ever known about weddings  was BIG.  Then, I went to Iowa and … I was pleasantly introduced to something different.  An intimate ceremony was in the church.  The reception immediately followed in the basement of the church with the keg out back in a BFB* filled with ice.   There really was no RSVP or three week destination honeymoons.  It was refreshing and nice.

The second wedding I did this summer was a first; an absolutely wonderful first.  We are talking beach wedding and semi-beach casual attire.  I even wore flip-flops.  It was amazing.  Not wearing flip-flops, but the wedding.  The sun peeked out of the passing billowy clouds just as the couple recited their vows.  Beautiful.  Then the guests strolled across the street to the reception under a tent adjacent to the family cherry orchard.  Yeah, it WAS all that.  Simple yet elegant.

The last I did was find this link to a hilarious SNL skit.  It’s from 2013, but probably found new life considering a recent Federal ruling.



*BFB – Big Fucking Bucket.  More often than not, it was a trash can.  However, referencing a trash can at a wedding sometimes has a negative connotation.  But it was a keg – no one really cared what it was in.

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