I’ll keep you guessin’ on what that actually represents.  Though I’m certain that once you begin reading this post, the answer will be obvious.  HINT – there is a color involved.

As most of you know, I love Vanity Fair magazine.  It’s just cool.  A good friend told me that VF highlights ‘interesting people (and topics) you’ve never heard of that make a good read’.  Case in point – the February 2014 issues teased readers with an article on 50 YEARS OF SEX, SAND & SKIMPY BIKINIS.  The author, Rich Cohen, focused his piece on the fiftieth  anniversary issue of Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition.  Cohen did an excellent job.   Though the numerous pictures of past covers AND famous ‘Shots’ distracted from the text numerous times.


In 1963, Fred Smith came up with the idea of ‘putting a girl in a swimsuit on the cover as a classic solution for the winter blues’.  However, it was in 1964 that the ‘official’ first swimsuit edition rolled out.  A German model by the name of Babette March was the first swimsuit model; the template, so to speak.  It wasn’t until Jule Campbell took the reins in 1965 that the true ‘ genius of the issue’ was apparent.  She was the mastermind until 1996.  Nice job, eh?  Anyway, She took an unknown California beach girl named Sue Peterson to Cabo San Lucas and, well, the rest is history.  In 1974 things ‘changed’.  A simple ‘Shot’ , as it has been referred to since, of Cheryl Tiegs walking the beach in a white fish net one-piece definitely  raised the preverbial  bar of all photos to follow.  She was quoted saying that she still receives requests to autograph that ‘shot’ even today.

In 1997 the first stand-alone Swimsuit issue was revealed.  Prior to that, the swimsuit portion was a 30 page insert to the regular magazine.  The article went on to discuss the locations, the famous body painting, and how being  ‘the cover model’ each year is practically a matter of National Security.

The 2014 issue – yes, I looked through it, okay.  First of all, why wouldn’t I? It’s a tradition that needs to be maintained.  Secondly, I needed to do research for this post, of course.  I’m a writer.  I’m always doing, um, research.

Anyway, the issue had a fun Then and Now feature, spotlighting some of the famous faces or bodies, if you will, that have graced the magazine over the years.  All in all, those girls have aged well.  Though the black /  leather wardrobe theme was … a bit much.

I just can’t close this post without revealing my favorites.  “Every guy has one,” says Cohen.  For me, Cindy Crawford, Rebecca Romijn, and Paulina Porizkova always made my heart skip a beat or two.  But  Elle MacPherson is and always will be totally awesome.  There’s a shot of her in the 1990 issue wearing a single-strap one-piece… .  Well,  I’m just speechless.  For those that know me, that rarely happens.

So, let the tradition continue for another fifty years.

Here’s that ‘answer’ link I promised.


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