I’d settle for a ‘yay’!

It’s a known fact, I know very little. Of the really important things, that is. I know very much about things that are unimportant.
For me, the majority of this stems from the fact that I was in that generation of good, old-fashioned television and equally good, if not better, movies. Oh, I read my share of books. And, actually graduated Pharmacy School.  Yeah, some people are still scratching their heads over that one. As far as those movies were concerned, they  were often very cheesy. But, they were still really, really good – just pure, simple fun.
This influenced my creativity tremendously.  Fundamentally, telling a story is pretty structured. Eventually, all story lines lead up to that final climactic moment where everything falls into place. You know that pivotal scene where what was lost or unrealized materializes. Then, in an epiphanic moment, the main character(s) shout the word … ‘Jumanji”. And, everything is, like, fucking awesome.
I AM waiting for my ‘Jumanji’.
Honestly, I’ve been waiting for some time. I’ve even documented my attempts at the almighty task here in some blogging fashion or another. Yet, try as I might,  the ability to shout that word has eluded me. I realize, of course, it really ISN’T that easy in a non-fictionalized existence. But, Life often imitates fiction, so this is totally feasible.  Right,? Alas, there is no team of screenwriters, conjuring up some fantastic plan that will make me scream with wild abandon when that moment arrives. I’m not sure if anyone, including myself, could handle that. Hell, I would be happy with a simple ‘yay’!.
insert – heavy sigh!
Sometimes, though, the decisions we make allow us to write our own screenplays. Recently, something happened that made me think  my chance had arrived. Over My Life as a Retail Pharmacist, I’ve helped numerous co-workers forge their way in a new direction – outside  this hell I call a profession. I did this without any ulterior motive whatsoever. Hell, if someone could actually get out – more power to them. If I could help, even better. Karma may be a bitch. But, you never know – that ‘bitch’ might help me sometime.  Unfortunately, that aforementioned chance kinda’ back-fired. It was more of a petered out, than a backfire, to be perfectly honest.
Oh, well. I’m not that concerned, though. Another opportunity will present itself sooner than later. My time will eventually come. Then, everything will be, like, fucking awesome.  And,  ‘Jumanji’ will be heralded loud and clear.
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