I’m gonna’ catch shit for this one

Why the hell can’t women let men have anything their own?   They’re always trying to manipulate something that’s been previously  male-orientated or, more appropriately, ‘make it better’. (Note – sarcastic tone is implied) .

Yes, that was a harsh opener.  I did have something else written, but it was lame.  So I just decided to get right to the point.  That said, I will present the evidence.

Case in point #1 –

I refill water containers at the local Culligan dealer.  Our tap water sucks, a softener isn’t in the current budget, and my wife is a water snob.  So the dealership is an affordable alternative.  However, every time I exist the establishment parking lot the sign – “Hey, Culligan Lady” glares back at me.  I’m not sure whether this is just a local franchises ‘update’ , a cute little joke, or what.  I don’t fuckin’ care, but come on.  Wait  I really DO care.  Still, come on! The Culligan Man has been around for like 75 fucking years.  Actually, I’m surprised the poor guy has  lasted this long.  Though he’s probably castrated by now.  The ironic thing is that no one on the service team is a woman.

Case in point #2 –

His favorite recliner, now available in “hers”. *

Well, isn’t that special? It’s probably available in a rainbow of awful pastel colors that is certain to enhance any decor, too.  Right? Even if it is uglier than all get out no woman would admit the fact that it was a bad idea.  The recliner has been conquered, so who cares?   If a man came along and tried to makeover a chaise lounge or even a love seat, for that matter,  he would be branded some derogatory, but ‘nice’ term that totally demasculinized his sexuality.  But when  a woman does it,  it’s totally acceptable of course.

I realize this is pointless.  Especially since this issue has been around since she decided the cave needed a remodel.  It ain’t over, yet.  All I’ll say is that this post does preface something I’ve been working on.  Until that time, I’m gonna drink some Culligan Man water while sitting in my favorite recliner.


*Recent La-Z-Boy ad with Brooke Shields no less

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