it is what it is

Those were the exact words I used to finish a recent message to my daughter. She was flying home for the summer from college. Her bags were overweight. I care not to disclose the price needed to complete her check-in process. This blog is my happy place. That price was not.

According to the amazingly insightful Urban Dictionary, this incredibly versatile phrase can be literally translated as “fuck it.” In this case, it is totally appropriate. “We got fucked,” is probs more accurate, but what does it matter? She arrived safely.

it is what it is

Oddly enough, this phrase was on tap for future postal glory. Considering the circumstances, publication status was updated from drafted to active. You see, over the last few years, I’ve spoken those words often. Maybe too often. Life Lemons got harder and harder to squeeze. Sometimes, catch phrases were the best way to deal with the proverbial Grand Illusion.

Regardless of usage, the meaning of that sentence is quite intriguing. Think about it –

it is what it is 

Hell, I’m not even sure if it’s a complete sentence. Unfortunately, the phrase usually has negative connotations. A situation needs to be dealt with. The options for dealing with said situation are few. Consequently, those options will not yield a desired, positive result. Negative overtones are sure to resonate. Some actually think those words are a cop-out, halting a conversation.

I disagree. A conversation must continue in order to adequately arrive at a solution. The situation isn’t going away. Something must be done. Like paying an exorbitant amount of money at the checked baggage counter in order to board a flight.

Follow me?

Recently, I’ve been toying with the idea of changing ‘it’. Better yet, looking for more positive, yet viable solutions for those permanent ‘its’ that aren’t going away.  Then, I found this article from Psychology Today entitled The Hidden Meaning of “It Is What It Is”.

The phrase “it is what it is” is itself in a state of potentiality. In some contexts it can indicate an acceptance of complexity and ambiguity. In other contexts it can indicate an acceptance of limitations. It’s a phrase that may well have yet other shades or meaning, or be evolving new shades of meaning as I write this. It’s not one static thing. It is what it is.

This may seem like a simple phenomenon but it has profound implications for how people think and how they conceive of the world they live in. It enables them to continually re-conceptualize things in new and creative ways.

I was unexpectedly validated.  There will always be those ‘it’ moments and the acceptance of limitations. However, the affirmation that potentiality actually exists is … refreshing.  Like lemonade on a warm summer day, baby.

Well, I think I need to STOP. I have a tendency to get caught up in my ‘creative ways’. Besides, I need to seriously re-conceptualize MY overweight baggage.

It is what it is

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