location location … legalization?

I workout – a lot.  In fact, this blog has highlighted more than its share of Fitness Fodder – from boxing tutorials  to the bimbo and her ‘bitch’ of a power couple. All in all, the gym serves the purposes of this Average Joe well. And, it should come as no surprise that I’m not the most social person when I workout. I do the standard guy ‘nod’ acknowledgement to acquaintances and small talk with my more than regulars, of course. That’s about it. My goal is to stay fit.  That and so I can eat freely without too much concern. I’m 53 and I’s gots me a six pack and buns of steel. Yeah, baby!

My gym kinda reminds me of an independent pharmacy.  The owners even purchased the building years ago to solidify their independence. Unfortunately, times are tough for small businesses.  A large health club chain offering pizza Tuesday and bagel Friday opened a few miles away. Nice promotions, eh? Within the last year, there has been a drastic decline in patronage. Granted, I frequent the gym at non-peak hours intentionally. Still, their absence has been noticeable. Once I casually expressed concern about the issue. I was assured that there were plenty of members paying dues.

Lastly, the main reason I chose this facility was its location.  The few times I’ve actually considered changing for various, yet substantiated reasons, I decided otherwise. It’s just too damn convenient. So, I looked past those (pauses intended)  circumstances and adapted accordingly.

Six months ago, I heard rumor that the building was FOR SALE.  Taxes at that location were over inflated.  The goal was to sell the building then relocate the gym ‘a mile down the road‘ outside the city’s limits.

I didn’t panic.  Yet,  somehow I knew the arrangement was not physically fit.

This past week, my concern was validated.  The building SOLD. However, the new owners intend to utilize only the front third of the building for their business.  The remaining space would be leased to the gym. Win-Win for everyone, eh?

Yeah, not so much.

Apparently, the new owners are planning to open a recreational marijuana dispensary in their intended space.  The new gym entrance would be relocated to the back of the building. Next to the … alley.

Proposition One – legalization of marijuana in Michigan – passed last November. Political views/support of such legislature  aside, I am still a pharmacist – a registered professional.  Frequenting a gym located behind even a legalized dispensary is a conflicting conundrum.  Did I mention the entrance is next to the alley?

Totally sketch if you ask me. (Insert: heavy sigh)

Honestly, I knew my Average Joe’s days were limited. It was inevitable. Patches may be resting in ADAA heaven, but there was no way I am going to dodge, duck, dip, dive or dodge this wrench.

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