So, I’ve been subjected to the Amazon ‘axe’.  Not me, personally, but my  ‘page’ or listing for My  Life  As  A  Retail  Pharmacist – A  Fictionalized  Memoir  on Amazon.  A wonderfully penned FIVE STAR REVIEW has been removed.  Actually, it was my first, official review.  One that made me feel like I’d … arrived.  As an Indie author trying to make a name for myself in the publishing world, those feelings are hard to attain.  But now it is lost.

Let me explain.

Dianne Bylo is a avid reader, often sought out  by Indie authors, such as myself, to write reviews.  Furthermore, Amazon has recognized her as being a Top something or another Reviewer.  She is not paid and receives nothing from either Amazon or the author.  Any positive review is appreciated.  But, trust me, when someone such as Dianne gives your novel a FIVE STAR REVIEW – it is wonderful.   It is NOT wonderful when Amazon removes said review without warning.  When I discovered her review was gone, I contacted her immediately.  She informed me that apparently she was ‘under investigation’ of some sort.  Dianne has appealed.  However, until that issue is resolved her reviews have been purged.

Purged.  Such a nasty word, isn’t it?

Yes, Amazon is looking out for its customers.  I understand that.  Still, it’s frustrating.  Being an Indie author is … difficult.  The ‘axe’ doesn’t make my job any easier.  Fortunately, I have other reviews I am equally proud of.  And, more reviews will be added.  Hint, hint.

Until that time, enjoy the music video below.  My daughter brought it to my attention and it’s rather fitting, considering the circumstances.  I didn’t necessarily ‘lose‘ my review in ‘the fire’, but I did get burned.

Things we lost … – Bastille

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