Marquee Madness

In the spirit of that yearly Basketball frenzy, I offer my own ‘Madness’; without the brackets, of course.  There aren’t enough marquees in Traverse to present 64 pearls of ‘wisdom’.  Besides, no one wants to read my comments on that many.  I’ll be lucky if these ‘Final Four’  make the attention span cut.

HSM – basketball video

You could not care more or work harder

Oh, the irony.  This IS Northern Michigan.  Maybe some of these people do care a bit more.  Unfortunately, it’s not about hard work.  Serious motivational issues run rampant in these parts. I’m thinking that’s more of a generational trend.  I don’t know.  Remember, this IS the age of  entitlement.  I could rant about that for, like, ever.  But, I won’t.  At least right now.

When nothing goes right, turn left

I’ve turned left so many times, I burned out the fuse on my damn blinker.  Furthermore, once you turn left enough times, you come full circle.  Believe me, when that shit happens the only option is a straight on frontal attack.

All joking aside, I’m all about going left.  Though I would like a few things to go right every now and then, too.

Luck is what happens after you give 100%.

All I have to say  is – Bring it! I deserve a  lucky fuckin’ day.  I AM so overdue.

What disease did cured ham actually have?

This is … scandalous.  First, I think it’s really funny.  Especially with Easter having come and gone so recently – Ham is a staple for the brunch table.  Secondly, the debate over ‘curing’ is such a  heated controversy.

There are 2 methods of curing ham, one is to dry cure it where you rub a salt mixture into the pork and hang it up to dry, and the other is a wet cure where you place the pork in either a brine or a pickle and then hang it up to dry. The dry curing of ham is also called country style curing and is a slow method and your meat will keep longer this way than when cured using the wet cure method.

Few ‘cure’ their own meat.  The other alternative is … processed curing.  And, according to the internet, that’s very bad.

Nitrites are the reason cured meat is pink or red. Nitrites turn into Nitric Oxide, which reacts with the oxygen-binding proteins in the meat, changing its color .  Without additives like nitrites, the meat would turn brown very quickly.

Since everything on the internet IS true, commercially cured ham can, in fact, cause a  an uncured consumer of said ham.

Well, I presented both sides of that argument.  I am done with the conversation of the ham.

Funny, I was reading on-the-Internet about how each of the Final Four contenders have had their own … controversies.

Once again – oh, the irony.

Parting thought – consider this the ‘Cinderella entry’ that disrupted the entire bracket system.

Free sailboat gas

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