MasterCard moment – style

number of posts in my que:     206 – 203 posted     3 drafts

most likes ever received for a single post:     4 – short stack showdown     02-17-2016

number of MasterCard moments:    4 – including this one

rambling weekly about Random Nonsense:     priceless

Well, I’ve hit the 200 post mark.  Actually, I achieved this feat a few weeks back, but … .  Like I said when I hit 100, more current ideas presented themselves.  Since those topics were time sensitive, I needed to take advantage of them in a similar fashion.  That being said, events such as celebrating my posting milestone fell to the blog wayside.

Until now.

Now, it is time to acknowledge my Random Nonsense 200 post accomplishment.  Hooray!

Of course, the number of ‘likes’ could be higher. (Hint, hint)  I realize that is really no indication of quality.  Or so I’m told.   Still, more likes would be nice – and appreciated. (Hint, hint)

Oddly enough, I’ve only had 4 MasterCard moments.  They are quite fun to create.  And, I don’t get a bill in 28 days.  How cool is that?

Lastly, this really is an achievement for me as a writer.  I’ve never been able to wrap my brain around a short story or essay.  When I started writing, I went directly pass Go to novels.  None of this short story, get your feet wet shit.  I went balls out.  After I had a three novels and a screenplay under my belt, it was a challenge to concentrate my thought process into a 500 word post.  And, … I like it.  Hopefully, my prose is entertaining as well.  Thanks for reading, following AND putting up with my Random Nonsense.

Well, that’s it.  The celebration for this milestone is over.  I’m only at 283 words, but knowing when to stop is also … priceless.

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