MasterCard moment: time zone nuptials

time difference between MI and AZ : 3 hours (until November 04, that is)

attempts made by hotel employees to ‘shoo away’ cowbirds: 1 – that I witnessed

Cholla Trail on Camelback Mountain length: 1.5 miles

watching a college friend walk his daughter down the aisle: priceless

This was truly a MasterCard moment if there ever was one.  Though, I think I used my Visa debit card more often.  Regardless, this event definitely had television commercial potential.

This was my third time in Arizona. Yeah, I don’t get out much.  To be honest, I’m not a big fan of the state.  I’m a Midwest boy.  But, it was totally nice to get away.  Be that as it may, the whole zone difference thing was a really hard adjustment.  Three hours is quite a cumbersome chunk of time.  I was ready for bed at, like, 8 pm.  I’m gettin’ old, but I’m not that old. Yet! It was all good, though.  After the first night, I was back on track.  Well, as back on track as I could ever be.

Random fact: Arizona is one of two states that does NOT recognize Daylight Savings Time. Come November 04 the difference will only be two hours. Hmm … .  I would still be ready for bed at 8pm. Maybe I am that old?

My hotel was very nice – sprawling compound would be a suitable description.  Instead of being a high rise building, it had only two floors – think motel more than hotel.  Just NOT the motel mentality. The main restaurant was that ‘open’ concept with primarily all outdoor seating. While this was rather refreshing, it allowed for its share of unwanted guests – brown-headed cowbirds. At first, the birds fluttering about, chirping their little hearts out was welcome.  After two minutes, the damn things were fucking annoying – scoping out table scraps when you weren’t even done with your meal.  Tippi Hedren would’ve had some serious PTSD dining at this hotel restaurant.

The Camelback Mountain range creates the valley that is the Scottsdale, AZ area, deriving its name from the unique silhouette cast on the skyline. The Cholla Trail is a 1.5 mile hike to the ‘picturesque Valley view atop the summit‘.* For me, I just wanted something to do outside – 75 degrees and sunny skies at 10am, baby.  It was 43 degrees and overcast back in Traverse City. So you bet your sweet ass I’m gonna be outside. Bonus – access to the range was within walking distance from my hotel. Not a bonus – the Cholla trail was closed that morning. Apparently, there was a rescue in progress. Oh, well. I just walked back to the hotel and slept by the pool.

* direct quote from local tourist guide

This was the first wedding of a friend’s child I was able to attend. Whole new phase of life when ‘the next generation’ starts getting married. This one was extra special – I was the Godfather of the bride. So, being there really was priceless.

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