MasterCard moment – Vermont style

mile – v-exist  statistics on I-89 in Vermont:     130.34 miles and only 22 exists

days the ‘nude dude’ was turning heads in downtown Burlington:     2 , but then I left before the weekend began so … .

retired Ben & Jerry flavors in the ‘graveyard’:     34

watching an outdoor movie with my daughters at the REAL Hotel-Vermont:          priceless

Recently, I traveled with my two daughters to Vermont of all places for a Hockey College Showcase. My oldest daughter will be a Junior in High School, so this is when the college search begins. Throw hockey into that mix and … .  Ugh! Anything but priceless.  Except for the experience, that is. Who cares about money.  We really had fun.  Vermont was amazing.

Being from Illinois, then moving to Michigan, expressway driving was pretty much the same.  Though I really, really hate that whole  Michigan ‘left’ concept.  Still, in both states, exit numbers correspond with the mile markers.  Driving I-89 North to Burlington was not that way.  Burlington is close to 91 miles from the New Hampshire border, but it’s only exit 14.  Confusing – yes. But I got us there fine.  The green mountain state also has it’s share of yellow highway signs that I had never seen before.   Stay Alert – Moose and Bear Crossing were … concerning.  Lastly, but on a fun note, the State Police drive forest green colored vehicles.  How cool is that? Luckily, I had no run-ins with moose, bear, or green colored ‘smokeys’.

So, that ‘nude dude’ caused quite the stir in Burlington.  Fortunately, my daughters and I never saw him, but I heard it was also … concerning.  “Scarred for life,” were the exact words a friend /team mate used to describe her unfortunate sighting.  Though, if I was pressed to decide, I’d probably  choose seeing a Moose over the ‘nude dude’ any day.

Ben & Jerry’s is in Waterbury, VT about 33 miles ( but only 3 exits, mind you) from Burlington.  We didn’t tour the facility, but we did visit the ‘flavor graveyard’ as I mentioned above.  When a taste concoction retires, it receives a burial plot.  On each tombstone  a fun poem describing the flavor and/or why it was retired is included.  Udderly fun!

 Ironically, we stayed at the Hotel-Vermont.  It was fabulous.  Nothing like that previously posted postcard – try and say that five times fast – had pictured.  Very cool, indeed.

While we didn’t exactly stroll in the moonlight, remember this was a family vacation, watching the sunset on Lake Champlain with my daughters and friends from Traverse was truly priceless.

Here’s an Ode to ‘Vermont’  from ole’ blue eyes himself.

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