Meet Mel Humphrey

Full name:             Melvin Victor Humphrey

Hair color:            Gray – touch of ‘pepper’, but very little.  Also, MPB  (horseshoe head) goin’ on.

Height:                   5′ 8″

Weight:                  230lbs – dominant beer belly; full  face

Occupation:          retired accountant

Eye color:              blue – with glasses; thick glasses

Fashion:               Plaid/Hawaiian Shirt, Bermuda shorts, white sock – sandals.  Possible baseball hat/fishing hat – only profile topic debated.

Mannerisms:       sighs heavily – often; soft spoken, yet irritated when asked to repeat something

Marital status:    divorced – happened later in life when children (2) were grown.  Ex-wife happily living in The Villages, FL.

Hobbies:             wants to enjoy water activities – boating, fishing, etc – and golf, but does neither. He’s too cheap to spend his money. Remember, he was an accountant.  Instead, he sits on his deck, reading Louis L’Amour novels feet inside a blow up pool filled with tepid water.  By the way, those trusty  socks and sandals are within arms reach.

Medical History: High Blood Pressure, Seasonal allergies, borderline diabetes

Pharmacy:           Where else? I AM his favorite pharmacist, of course.  (note: sarcastic tone)

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