My Favorite Posts

Well, here it is.   My walk down memory lane; favorite post picks  from the last year.  Once again, thanks to all who have followed.

The posts are in chronological order.  It was easier that way.

11-30-2012     Fine, thanks.  How are … you? 

I’m still fine. Though, lately I’m thinkin’ I want more.  That mantra excerpt on 10-25-2012 is looking pretty good right now.

12-07-2012     Horrorscope? Not really.

Still no magic or succulence in this voice.  As for that ‘active control of my unfolding adventures’… .  Maybe next year.

01-07-2013     Normal two-parter

That is my favorite quote from the book.  That definition; now there’s a work in progress.

02-21-2013     You Light Up ‘My Life’

Talking book always gets me psyched.  I was going to give this post an honorable mention, but  Stand  by  Rascal Flatts is such a great song.  Besides, messing up the whole chronological order thing would bother me.

04-27-2013    HWWMR

Walter Mitty rocks.  He just had to be included.

05-27-2013     The Cake Test

What kind of cake was that again?

06-10-2013     Mars, Venus and the root of communication evils

That was a well written post that makes me proud.  Besides, ‘Men respond like this’.

Well, there you have it.  When I first created the blog, I was advised to block comments.  Nothing personal, but comments complicate things.  Or so I’ve been told.  Who needs that shit anyway? Things get complicated enough often without trying.  However, there are times like this when I would actually like to know what a reader’s poll might produce.

Maybe next year?!

PS – I still want to clothesline Bonnie (10-15-2012).  With flu season right around the corner, those CVS ads are certain to resurface.






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