My Thoughts About Random Nonsense: A Non-fictionalized Guide to Positive Existing

Merriam-Webster just added, like, 690 new words recently. And I wondered if positive existing would be one of them. But it wasn’t. The words appear separately, of course, but not as a concept like positive thinking.  Since that is what this nonsense was all about in all its randomness, ….


That is the beginning of the end, so to speak—the opening to the conclusion of this book. Yet, it also exemplifies my unorthodox approach to presenting how to positively exist.

The self-help/motivational genre is flooded with some really evidence-based books written by some really smart people. Well, there ain’t nothing factual about this book. And I ain’t that intelligent—the only letters after my name are RPh.  

But I’ve survived. And continue to do so despite the is-what-it-is circumstances that riddle everyday existence. It’s been a struggle, let me tell ya’. However, I have collected an arsenal of ways to deal with the been-there-done-that’s in this game called life. 

The book opens with a brief introduction where I openly proclaim I lack the educational credentials to be a self-help author. But, like everyone else, I have found ways to function, often quite positively. And I figured I had something to say that might help others do the same. That is what the remainder of the book details: My thoughts about random nonsense.


Back in 2012, I released My Life as a Retail Pharmacist: A Fictionalized Memoir. Over the course of that story, my charmed reality spirals out of control. A minor misunderstanding with a customer escalates in ways only fiction can detail. 

Since 2019, a series of unfortunate events happened that yielded the potential for another downward spiral. These were real life situations that only nonfiction can produce, though—none of which were minor.

This book was inspired by both counts: A earnest attempt to remain positive amidst the challenges.  

It’s often said that life imitates art.

In this case, that art is both fiction and nonfiction.

In my case, it’s an interesting read either way.

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