I realize this title is beyond random but remember, the essense or what ever the hell this blog is about is Random Nonsense.  Need I say more?

My wife asked me to return her book on tape to the main library today.  I used the drive-thru.  We here in Traverse have gotten pretty high-tech.  Instead of the old-fashioned drop box we have a conveyor belt contraption that is really impressive.  I hit the button, a door opened,  and in went the book – one book at a time,mind you.  Then I noticed the sign posted above the door – NO PUPPETS.  Well, you can imagine my reactions.

Later in the day I went to the branch closer to my house  Since I know the ladies there – they are wonderful – I had to ask them about the NO PUPPET thing.  They proceeded to tell me what a ‘quandary’ those puppets actually were – there’s no bar code to scan, they jam the conveyor, people don’t wash them.  Who knew?

Damn puppets! 

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