Novembeard FYI

So, I was all ready to slam this stupid, annual ritual until I researched it further.  I even asked some women for help, intending on doing a semi- ‘David Letterman Top Ten List’ post.  After reading the real reason behind it – no it’s not so we men can get in tune with the ‘caveman inside’ – I’m conflicted at the approach for this post. Damn internet!
Here’s what I found –
Did you hear about No Shave November?                                                                                 (author of following info unknown)
The history of No Shave November is a bit hazy. According to Too Shy to Stop, November has unofficially become Testicular Cancer Awareness month. The lineage of No Shave November began in Australia and New Zealand. Guys would grow a mustache for the month to support prostate cancer awareness and various related organizations, and they called it Movember.
  • You do not shave in November.
  • You DO NOT shave in November.
  • If you shave, you are out.
  • No trimming, no waxing.
  • No shaving can go on as long as you want it to.
  • Be part of the “in” crowd by doing what all the cool kids are doing.
  • Real women like real men.
  • Save money on shaving cream, razors and other accoutrement
  • Save time getting ready in the morning.


Yes, trying to rationalize growing a beard to support testicular cancer is certainly noble.  Though I’m certain the majority of men doing so have no insight on the origin.  Case in point – I asked an acquaintance growing a beard his reason.  “So when I slay my deer, the blood doesn’t get on my face.”  I actually think he grunted, but I’m not certain.  We were at the gym so grunting is often heard.

Think about it.  We as men can do little to change our appearance.  Rarely does my wife even notice when I get my hair cut.  Granted some of those high-maintenance, mamby-pamby dudes – I use the term dude loosely – try  too hard to alter their appearance on a regular basis.  For the normal dude – now the word normal is used loosely –  it can be frustrating.  Year after year the only change to our appearance to look forward to  is gray hair and wrinkles.  Maybe growing a beard really isn’t that bad after all!?.

One last comment about facial hair, especially moustaches.  Entertainment Weekly said it best in a recent Bullseye entry.  “Moustaches should only be worn by Tom Selleck or 70’s porn stars.”


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