Now about that Yak

Originally, I was going to devote one post to the Yak AND its trax.  But I laughed every time I saw the picture staring back at me.  Admit it.  It’s funny to have an entire post devoted to the Yak.

On with this post.

  •  When some ‘outdoor adventurer’ dude was in the Himalayas, he spotted this Sherpa dude confidently walking across a slick, icy surface.  – Sounds majestic, doesn’t it?
  • Of course, the million dollar idea of some patented coil traction device blah, blah, blah was conceived
  • Named after the sure-footed Tibetan Yak – thus, the picture
  • Yaktrax  offer a wide  array of ice traction devices for footwear
  • I just hope the Sherpa dude is gettin’ a percentage.  Not that he would probably care.  Still, … .

Yes, there are oodles of other companies that have similar patented blah, blah, blah.  The reason I’m highlighting Yaktraxs  is because I received a pair for Christmas and they rock!  I went for a walk the other day and just like Sherpa dude I confidently walked across the slick, icy surface that WAS my subdivision.  AND I DIDN’T FALL.  I wasn’t majestic by any means, but I didn’t fall.  That, in itself, is a huge accomplishment.

Back to the other reason for this post.

I was at the gym on Thursday a few weeks back.  Every Thursday the owners play country music in the gym.  The majority of the time I don’t even realize what station is playing.  I have a wife, three kids AND I work retail.  I can tune anything out. However,  there was a particular moment when I was listening to the station.  Apparently a new album was coming out featuring country singers performing rock songs.  The announcer rattled off what star/group did what song.  All I remember was that Psycho  Killer  was remade as was  I’m  Gonna  Be (500 miles)   by the Proclaimers; a duet by Hayley and Michaels and it is awesome.

Since this post is devoted to the leisurely activity that is  ‘walking’ , I was compelled to share the link to the remake.  I was going include the link when the Proclaimers appeared on Letterman back in 1989.  But it was, like, over six minutes long.  Just couldn’t do that.  Besides, this is actually better than the original.

Track on!

By the way, I’m lucky if I even walk 500 miles in a year.

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