Ode to January

At first I was going to rant about this whole flu epidemic which, I’m coming to realize, isn’t really an epidemic at all.  It’s just a media blitz probably paid for by the makers of the damn flu vaccine and the distributors/retailers of said vaccine.  From what I’ve read it’s a slightly above average season AND the vaccine has been around since, like, August. How that qualifies as an epidemic/shortage I have no idea.  All I know is that it makes my life hell.

Also,Winter Storms are now being named. There are a few reasons this was decided upon.  Once again media based.  Apparently named storms are more efficient to reference in communication and easier to recall in the future.  With names like Euclid and Gandolf  who would want to remember either of those storms?  Just call the next blizzard Bob and be done with it!

Believe or not, I like January as a month.  I view it as one of those low expectations-low yield months.  Unless of course there is a New Year’s resolution involved.  Then that ups both the expectation and yield components.  I never make them, though.  I just make fun of everyone who indulges in such behavior.

To me, January is a regrouping month.  Back to business / time to relax after the roller coaster ride that started after Labor Day.  The fall is jam packed with so much and so many holidays, I look forward to January to just chill.  An added bonus for us here in Traverse is that the last of the snowbirds have finally flown South.  Sucks to be a Florida pharmacist right now.


So there you have it, my proverbial Ode to January.

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