Parenting 101

 Since May and June have come and (almost) gone, the holidays honoring each half of the parenting unit have followed suit.  So, I’m right on schedule to pen a belated post on the subject. I was going to sub-title this – Hollywood style – then remembered that both films are true stories.

Searching for Bobby Fischer – Joe Mantegna and Joan Allen portray Fred and Bonnie Waitzkin parents to Josh, a chess prodigy.   The trailer gives a complete synopsis, including two of Joan Allen’s best lines / scenes. However, “Get out of my house.” is much more emotionally charged watching the film.  While Allen is the commanding, supporting role, Mantegna is constant presence throughout the movie.  He often struggles with the conflicting reality of what he should or shouldn’t do as a parent.   And, more importantly, whether what he should or shouldn’t do is in his or his son’s best interest.  Of course, he always makes the appropriate choice.  I hate him. But, whether it’s chess, baseball, or … hockey, this movie navigates the nuances of competitive activities/sports.

Searching for Bobby Fischer – trailer

Soul Surfer   – This is the be all end all feel good family/sports true story of Bethany Hamilton.  She is a World Class surfer who loses an arm in a shark attack.  Dennis Quaid and Helen Hunt play her parents, constantly making the right decisions and saying all the right things AT the right time, I might add.  I hate them for this, of course.  Because, you know, I always say and do the right thing AT the right time.  Adding to my inferiority complex as an adult/parent is Kevin Sorbo, playing Bethany’s best friend’s father. He saves Bethany’s life after the attack.  I’m not a rock when it comes to Holy Shit Life moments, but I do perform quite well under pressure.  But that scene, … . Wow. I can only imagine it was portrayed accurately. That is a dude I would want in a crisis situation.  After watching you’ll understand.  And, you too will hate them all.  But please do watch.  Haters gotta hate, ya’ know.

Soul Surfer – trailer

Of course these movies ‘highlight’ the stellar parenting decisions and moments in each movie.  The day to day fuck-ups and frustrations are glossed-over, peppered into the story only to show that these people really are human. Though it would be nice to have some of my own fuck-ups and frustrations end up on the ‘editing room floor’.  In real life, family remembers way too much.  And, the details, … .  Let’s not even go there, okay.  Seriously, these are some boss parents that I’m certain are just as boss as they are represented.

Popcorn anyone?

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