My horrorscope summer – a perspective rant

the rant

I am so glad this summer is over.  It truly was awful and fucking and fucking awful.  It was so bad, my monthly horrorscope warned – “Brace yourself.  It’s going to be rough.” Hell, one site even used the word – ugly when referencing MY summer. Yeah, … . And, please don’t roll your eyes when I mention the whole astrological forecast thing. I refer to them as horroscopes for a reason. More often than not, they are just fun to read; especially when I’m fully aware what Nonsense will be included. As far as that whole ‘power of suggestion’ issue… . Who would ever want a bad summer? On purpose? Horrorscopes are harmless. What’s written is usually positive; ludicrous, but still relatively positive. As strange as it may seem, the ‘false hope’ that Tarot Tina teases readers with gets you through those rough times.

the concept

A few months back, I was in conversation with a friend and the subject of perspective was discussed.  Luckily, we were at the gym and both of us had agendas dictated by time.  And, we were still trying to workout.  Fortunately, the constraints of the situation warranted amazing insight into the complex concept that is perspective

 I am a writer.  Therefore, I analyzed what was said and came to the conclusion that perspective is kinda similar to Point of View.  Since POV is a fundamental tool in writing, every story has one. I had great fun occupying my time pondering this newfound theory. I realized, though, that a primary difference existed. In the fictitious world, Point of View is easily controlled or manipulated.  A non-fictional perspective is not. Instead, that has cluster fuck written all over it – one that can neither be controlled nor manipulated.

I drafted those words immediately following my conversation, waiting for additional inspiration to complete my thought process.  Well, so much for inspiration. That was over six months ago. To this day, I still have no further revelations about anything remotely related to the topic other than the fact that perspective is dictated by three provisions –

  • hardest thing to gain
  • easiest thing to lose
  • changes frequently

the event

I thought I had actually gained something a few days ago.  And, yes, it was extremely difficult getting to that point. Still, it was an amazing moment. The details, quite frankly, are unimportant. Trust me.

Unfortunately, it turned out to be just that – a moment. The next day, the  Caveat emptor that IS Life reared its weary head, of course  The three governing bodies duked it out overnight, things changed quickly and I … lost the slim glimmer of perspective I had fought so hard to obtain.

Fortunately, for whatever perspective that was gained, then lost in that particular situation, the validation I experienced from how I handled said situation remained.  #fuckingawesome!

After this summer, I am still going to read my horrorscope.  (insert:  well deserved eye roll). But, I also decided that  perspective is highly over-rated. Validation is where it’s at, baby.

Point … taken?

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