Class of 2015

Time frozen in memory still,

never empty, my heart fill.

A few weeks back a letter arrived in the mail.  It was written by my son to himself when he was in fifth grade.  It was a class ‘time capsule type’ project.  The teacher – who totally rocks, by the way- saved each letter for nine years then distributed them to the appropriate student a few weeks before graduation from High School.  Cool idea, eh?

The contents were trivial, of course.  What fifth grader really knows what to write to himself/herself at that time for future amusement? After reading the letter, my son laughed, got in the car and went to the grade school to thank the teacher.  What a good kid.  How many other students did that?

To answer a few obvious questions – yes, my son IS graduating from High School shortly, I foreshadow us failing miserably at his party, and I think I’m going to be a mess.

That’s parenting, I guess; watching them grow, feeling like you’re failing miserably.  The being a mess part just comes with the whole experience.  Especially for me,  I have a tendency to be emotionally unstable from time to time, especially when my children are involved.

About the graduation party … .  Yeah, that should be fun.  I couldn’t even get sending the announcements right.  Note to self when the next child graduates: Inner Envelope – DO NOT ADDRESS actually means something.  Licking an envelope that doesn’t have adhesive leaves a nasty, unsightly  stain.  So if anyone received one of those – I’m sorry, okay?!

I wanted so much more for this post.  Attempting to summarize eighteen years leading up to High School graduation is … impossible.  If you think about it, why even attempt such a task.  Instead, I will close with a popular video that really makes no sense.  The lyrics just do not fit the video content.  Ironically, it’s that concept that works well for me here.

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