Winter Random Nonsense

Well, we actually have a winter.  The last few years have been marginal at best. I haven’t minded, considering the traveling required for hockey.  I must say, 2017  was one of the oddest, most unpredictable weather years.  Traverse City is primed for winter, though.  Well, it used be. Long gone are the die-hard natives that thrived in temperature extremes.  Now all that remains are pansy-ass ‘residents’ that have no idea how to function – let alone exist when it’s a mere 32 degrees.

Since it’s mid-January, I decided it was appropriate to pen a post about Winter and the Nonsense associated with the season.  My Random thoughts will be included, of course.

  • I still can’t stand the naming of winter storms.  Never have; never will.  So dumb!  Jim Cantore and Stephanie Abrams totally rock as the Weather Channel personalities/veterans.  CAUTION: Don’t mess with Mr. Cantore if thunder snow is in the forecast.  He gets a little excited.

  • My snow blower is officially fixed.  Though shoveling remains my snow removal method of choice.  It’s rather peaceful.  I used to be quite anal about my technique – NO tire tracks. And, those little bread-crumb like tracks of snow that trailed off the sides of the shovel always made me crazy. Note: past tense.  That was before kids AND before life.  Now, my ONLY goal is to get up and down the drive without traction  issues.  At times, snow on the drive is a good thing.
  • Parking when there’s even just a dusting of snow is a complete cluster.  People are so fucking stupid!  It’s a parking lot.  Use some common sense.  But, then these are probably the same idiots who ‘do’ the Farmer’s Market.  So, …. .
  • During Winter Storm Chloe or was it Dylan (note: sarcasm), I had to pick up my daughter from a sleepover at a friend’s house.  I must say, that was probably my worst driving experience in years. And, it was early afternoon.  Visibility was horrible.  Everyone was driving with hazards flashing.  Well, except me.  I understand the intention, especially on an interstate.  But this was city driving at 10 MPH – in D3.  Maybe these drivers should’ve just pulled over and … parked? Hmm… .
  • Flannel sheets are definitely the way to go in wintertime.  Getting into a warm bed when it’s below zero and the wind is howling is quite lovely.
  • I’m still on the fence about this wool sock thing. Not feeling the ‘thread’.  My feet sweat a lot and the moisture is NOT wicked off as well as advertised. Granted, disclosing my sweaty feet issue wasn’t completely necessary. But, it’s tangible information for posting purposes.  Besides, I often include such personal trivialities.  Though if I had to choose, I prefer Darn Tough over SmartWool.
  • Lastly, my Yaktrax are finally getting some miles this season.

I guess that’s it for now.  I’m sure there’s more.  I work retail. And, it’s Winter.  There will always be another ‘storm’ to usher in more Random Nonsense.

I need to shovel.

January Hymn

Happy Winter?!

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