Salty cidiots are NOT snazzy.

I am taking my post vocabulary lesson one step further.  Don’t be too alarmed.  I’m thinking this is only a one-time deal.  So, just go with it. Besides, I promise to make this lesson as fun as postally possible.  Though, postally probably isn’t a word.  Let alone the way to begin a vocabulary lesson.  Oh, well.  At least  this lesson isn’t about lettuce.

In elementary school, whenever I learned a new word I was instructed to use it in a sentence.  Fortunately, I have THREE words (two slag, one that’s an actual word) to share AND I was able to use them all in ONE sentence.  Think of it as a trifecta of vocabulary fun.

Salty cidiots are not snazzy.

  1. salty  (adjective)    –   My nineteen year old son introduced me to this word a few months back.  He used it to describe his attitude at the moment.  “Salty?” I asked.  “Yeah,” he scuffed.  “You know irritable, kinda’ ornery.” He paused.  “Salty.”  According to the Urban dictionary, ‘salty’ means – angry, pissed, upset.  Hmm … .  I’m thinking that describes the majority of teenagers and pharmacy customers.
  2. cidiots  (noun)       –   Recently, I was at work when a customer I can actually tolerate came through the drive.  She looked distressed even before I greeted her.  Then, without even a hello, she said, “I hate these damn cidiots.” The blank expression on my face was enough for her to continue. “You know,” she finally smiled.  “Cidiots – idiots from the city .”
  3. snazzy (adjective)   –   informal ; stylish and attractive
    Conversely, this word describes my thirteen year old daughter.  She uses the term often, having the wonderful ability to ‘snazzify’ any ‘saltiness’ thrown her way.  Good for her.  I hope she never loses this amazing talent.  Though I question the origin of that characteristic.  You’ve all read enough of my rants to know it’s probably not  my gene pool.  Then again, my mother is wonderful. So, …  maybe it is!?

Since I choose to emulate my daughter’s snazzy persona, I let her decide how to close this vocabulary lesson.  While her offering seems odd, it is truly the embodiment of … making lemonade. For me, it fits my current state of mind AND postal lameness.  Shit, if Brendon Urie  can sing while playing the piano with Fruit Loops and chicken nuggets falling from the sky, I’m thinking I can handle  just about anything.

panic! – this is gospel

Fortunately, those damn cidiots won’t be around too much longer.  One snowflake and their salty asses are gone.  How snazzy is that?

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