sink or swim

I prefer to swim, of course.  Though sometimes I wonder, but let’s not go there right now. I swim  every other week as my schedule and/or the schedule at the pool permits. It’s great all-body exercise – good breathing maintainence, too.  Remember, it’s all about the breathing.

I pride myself on being a picturesque swimmer, always conscious of stroke technique. I can even breath on both sides when doing freestyle – a challenge from a friend decades ago.  It’s one of those great ‘show-off’ things because so few people do it.  Often I get bored too easily while swimming, so I alternate between the four stokes.  I’m not one that can dive in and swim freestyle for an hour.  I like changin’ it up.

For the longest time I’ve realized my freestyle kick was off.  Nothing bad, really, just a poorly learned technique habit.  During those Lawn Aqua Swim Team days  I referenced in a previous post, I was more of an upper body swimmer during practice, hating kicking drills like you wouldn’t believe. When it came to meets, I would add my ‘kick’ and actually do quite well.   Since swimming never went beyond those summer days, my kicking issues never needed to be addressed.

Until now.

So, there I was swimming along, really not thinking about a whole hell of a lot and… my kick changed.  Kinda’ through me for a loop. I stopped and did the stupid astonished-look-on-the-face, “hmm”.  Waited another minute or two and swam another length.  Since I was thinking too hard about it, I fucked it up, of course.  I waited a few more minutes then continued my workout.  My new kick returned.   I’ve swam numerous times since and never looked back.  Though during swimming that would be hard, looking back and all, but you know what I mean.  Who would have thunk it, eh?  This ole’ dog CAN learn new … kicks.  Sorry, that was a really bad attempt at humor.

I know I included a clip from Caddyshack in a previous post, but this is way too funny AND applicable to pass up.


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