two week notice

The other day I had to contact an out-of-state pharmacy for a transfer.  The woman who answered the phone sounded like a giddy twelve year old.  When I asked to speak with the pharmacist, she stated that she was the pharmacist on duty.  I immediately rolled my eyes at her enthusiasm and continued on with my inquiry for the transfer, knowing full well she was probably newly registered and just  received her first paycheck.

Oh, I was wrong.  Very wrong.

So,” I inquired snidely, “how long have you been working retail pharmacy?”

Fourteen years,”  she responded excitedly.

I was dumbfounded.  Before I was even able to process this freak and her even freakier answer, she continued.

But, I just gave my two week notice.” She paused momentarily, sighing happily.  It was apparent she loved not only saying the words but hearing them spoken as well.  “And, guess what? I don’t even have another job lined up.”

She continued on like the energizer bunny with phases like “… I hate it that much”  and “even my father told me to quit” .  Then she informed me she was divorcing her “money-sucking hog of a husband” that was “the indentation in her sofa“.

Wow! That’s like the best spousal slam ever.  ‘… the indentation in her sofa’ . This woman was hilarious.

Then I realized I hated her.  My hate was rooted in jealous rage, of course.  Not as much rage as she had goin’ down.  Still, I was totally jelly. See,  I’ve longed to give my two week notice.  For those of you that have followed, I’ve previously posted my thoughts, desires, and regrets  regarding my professional choices.  Moreover the lack of opportunity in my chosen field.  Though as of late, I feel it more a personal choice than professional decision to want to move in a different direction.  Fortunately for the above mentioned ‘brother in arms’, she has no children – only that ‘indentation’ she so fondly referenced.  So moving on is easy for her.  Shit, I think she even mentioned  moving back home until she regrouped.

Neither of those are options when you are the income in a one income family.  Just having the time to regroup would be a fuckin’ luxury as far as I’m concerned.

My jealous rage was instantly curbed by the harsh reality that IS decision making.  I’m certain my comrade will be fine.  I’m happy she has the courage to change.  And, I’m certain this was not a spontaneous decision.  She’s a pharmacist.  As a profession, we are rarely spontaneous.  She is well aware of what she is doing.   I commend her actions.

I, too, have my own change on the horizon.  How and when that change is going to come about will be exciting and welcomed.  Though I can tell you right here, right now the ‘when’ is the hardest part.  It always is, eh?  Oh, and that two week ‘notice’ of mine will be an expressive, yet succinct two words.  And, they won’t be  “Be well”.

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