Walking the Line

Recently, I posted about conversation.  More importantly, my awkwardness with the subject … from time to time.  I’m not sure why, but communication AND personal interactions have become so much more strained than in years past.  To complicate the matter, sensitivity to the spoken word has increased.  Social media is often blamed for this trend, especially in the younger generations.  For me, that’s not the issue – remember no cell phone for this technology challenged dude.  I blame my profession, of course.  Countless books have been written on this subject.  So attempting to tackle this topic in a single post may be too ambitious.  Instead, I will focus on those ‘communication lines’  that root the Random Nonsensical Foundation of this blog- pharmacy and writing.

As previously stated, my goal in every customer interaction is to be effective and efficient.  Translation – I want the other person to go away as quickly as possible.  And, I’ve become very good at it, I might add.  Customers actually prefer my brevity. Knowing when NOT to ask questions is almost as important as the reverse.  Rarely, do I address anyone by name.  I know that may sound impersonal, but it’s best for all involved, especially me.  Once you call a person by their first name , things change.  That line has been crossed and there ain’t no going back.  Moreover, it adds expectations to every interaction going forward.  In retail, those expectations are hard to maintain. When they are not, indignation often results.  Indignation is such an ugly word, but very appropriate in this context.

With writing, it can be equally strained; sometimes even awkward.   After some twenty years in the authoring business, I’ve become very guarded with whom I share my writing passion. Don’t get me wrong,  I love to talk book and do so whenever appropriate.  However, I’ve also learned when to stop, walking that ‘line’ very carefully.   Please realize, this isn’t the case with established relationships. I’m talking about those casual conversations with acquaintances or friends of friends.  The topic of writing comes up, the words “I’d love to read what you written” are spoken – BAM – things change.  Reading a 400 page novel is a huge commitment – I get it.  But the other party won’t admit that fact.  A few pages get read, life happens  and … the reading stops and the book is forgotten.  Until they see you in pubic … .  Two words – awkward excuses.

At this point in my life, I expect little from anyone.   Still, I’m  baffled at what ramifications crossing ‘lines’ can actually cause.  I guess that’s why people write under pen names.  Anonymity has it’s advantages.  So I’ve heard.

I’ve reread, then rewritten this post numerous times, hoping to best convey my thoughts.  I think it worked – if not I apologize.

Yes, I’ve crossed the line more than I should’ve in all aspects of my interpersonal communication.  However, I’ve become quite resourceful at damage control.  Right now, things are … good.  Tomorrow.  Well, that’s another … line.

I Walk the Line – Clip/song

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