All I want for Christmas is …

… a ukulele?

Not really, but a friend’s son added a ukulele to his wish list.  For our family, we have already been there, done that a few years back.  But it did all start with Christmas.  Well, Bing Crosby to be exact.

Let me explain.

My daughter love’s the Bing Crosby rendition of   Mele Kalikimaka.  One thing led to another and she received a ukulele that year under the tree.  Later the next year The Ukulele Orchestra of Great Britain performed here in Traverse City.  It was an amazing concert and each of the members of the group autographed my daughter’s ukulele.  Cool!

My favorite clip is the featured below.  These dudes/dudettes strum complexity to the proverbial ‘mash up’ concept that made Pitch Perfect so perfectly pitched.  Handel composed a piece long ago containing a the melody that is the ‘genesis’ for countless pop songs.  Several selections are mashed up into an incredible ensemble piece.  Yes, those babes from the P2 movies look and sound more entertaining, but none of those ‘pitches’ are plucking a ukulele.

And, just because it’s Christmas, I had to include the Bingster singing his Hawaiian classic with the Andrew  Sisters.

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