wasted time

When hockey season began back in September, I looked at the schedule and started to plan.  What did I plan you may ask? Exactly what and how much I was going to get done during the ‘down time’ waiting for either practice or a game to be over.   And tournament weekends – I was so going to own those.  I AM not a rink slug.  Instead, I stop-drop-pick you up when I am done with what I need to do.  And, like I said, there was a lot I wanted to do.  First and foremost was researching my next project – I even bought  Botany for DUMMIES. I was going to highlight the shit out of that book.  Hell, my thumb was going to be so green that damn croton plant I referenced in the  not so green thumb  post    (11-12-2012) would sprout roots.

If you haven’t noticed, everything I’ve written is past tense.  Yes, hockey season is still underway. But, nothing I had planned was, or will get accomplished in the remaing few months. The highlighter remains capped. My thumb is as pale and flesh-colored as ever.  Who’s the  Dummie now?

Well I don’t look at it that negatively.  Remember, I am trying to put a positive spin on everything.  Also, I ain’t no dummie. I am getting some things done.  Though not exactly what I had originally anticipated.  But, … .  I’m good.

On practice nights, I do the bi-weekly shopping, grab a bite to eat at a restaurant I want to go to, and … hang.  Sometimes not doing anything.  During tournament/hotel weekends, I bring a book, of course, and read.  Mostly, I do nothing.  A few weeks  back I even watched a movie in the room on a regular station WITH COMMERCIALS.   Who does that shit anymore?

Still, I’m good.

Once I thought it was just ‘wasted time’ this, this unproductive portion of my life.  Then I realized I really didn’t care that much.  Not getting the to-do list done  every waking hour of the day was … a relief.  When I’m home, every second of my life is scheduled.  But on hockey weekends, my only responsibility is getting my daughter to the rink on time.  Handling the occasional teenage meltdown is peppered into that scenario, too.  Other than that, little is required of me.  Upon my return home, that wonderful list is waiting for me. I deserve some wasted time, damn it.  Remember I read and somewhat embraced the Underachiever’s Manifesto (09-29-2014).  Come to think of it, it really wasn’t that strong of an embrace, but you get the idea.

As for that Botany for DUMMIES book, … .  It will get read and highlighted and read again.  Law for DUMMIES  was so wore out after writing  My Life As A Retail Pharmacist – A Fictionalized Memoir  the binding cracked.

Again, I’m good.

Lastly, just knowing that there WILL BE a ‘next book’… .  Forget good – I’m fucking awesome.


In Memorandum – Glenn Fry

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