whine and cheese(head)

MADISON, Wis., April 10 (UPI) — A Wisconsin petition is seeking to even the score with “the so-called Great Lakes State” by changing the name of Lake Michigan to “Lake Wisconsin.”

The petition states:

We, the citizens of Wisconsin, feel it’s time for the Great Lake of Michigan to be renamed Lake Wisconsin. For too long Michiganders have gloated over Lake Michigan and their pretty sunsets. From now on, we will exclusively refer to it as Lake Wisconsin until every American joins us.To our west we have the Land of 10,000 Lakes. To our east the so-claimed Great Lakes State. And here we are, left in the middle with nothing but a bunch of farmland, cows, and cheeseheads. It’s time to make a change, this is Lake Wisconsin.

At press time, the petition had roughly 500 signatures.  At blog post time that number could be higher.  But, really, who’s counting?  More importantly, who cares? Definitely not me.

A while back there was a petition signed by over 100,00 people to deport Justin Bieber .  With the required amount of signatures, law dictated the petition go to the White House for consideration.  Of course, the Bieber-buck  stopped there.  Nice thought though, eh?  Ten years from now J. Bie will probably WANT to go back on his own accord.  However, Canada might not even want him.

Like I said in my previous post, life is just such a vast resource of ‘good material’.  But, I will refrain from additional remarks on this ‘petition’.  As far as I’m concerned, all commentary is obvious.  Originally I had the link to the article from which that petition was written.  I decided that was … cheesy.  Instead, I will close with a clip from the Justin Bieber Roast  on Comedy Central a few weeks back.


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