Dad jokes – Marquee style

So, I’ve decided to shake up this whole blog format thing. Don’t worry, I ain’t goin’ postal any time soon. (pun intended) However, that bad attempt at humor is the perfect introduction to my post.

Dad jokes used as marquee maxims.

Before my latest project, I updated my site on a more regular basis and visited both of these topics separately. Marquee offerings were quite funny. Dad jokes – not so much. Still, both subjects were great blogging material. Unfortunately, sign lady either retired or just disappeared. Yikes! The local billboard has never recovered. Now, dad joke that are supposed to be humorous have replaced pearls of wisdom that were supposed to make motorists think once, if not twice.

(insert: heavy sigh)

When I decided to combine the two, the result was really cool! The jokes are still really bad.  Yet, they provide a good comedic distraction when the current gas prices induce hysteria and fits of uncontrollable rage.

How do billboards communicate?

sign language

What better way than to open this post, eh?! Admit it, there was a slight chuckle – even if it was followed by a soft grunt of disgust and justifiable eyeroll.

What kind of doctor is Dr. Pepper?

a fizzician.

This joke is so dumb, it’s funny. Moreover, it embodies the essence that is the dad joke. I smile every time I think of it.

 (side note – a good friend from college loved Dr. Pepper, went to med school, AND has four kids.)

What day of the week do chickens fear most?

fry day

This offering is just dumb. Worse, this was on the damn marquee for, like, ever. On a corner I pass every day! That is why I decided to close with it. Then again, it is Friday!

(afterthought – I  found a way to redeem myself. It’s a random maxim I remembered that is actually quite profound. Sign lady would be proud!)

Aspire to inspire before you expire!