new title, new genre, and new FREE promotion

I recently finished a project that has been wanting to be written for some time. Yeah, couldn’t stop myself unfortunately. Though some probably thought an intervention was necessary to stop me. But, that did NOT happen.

So, My Thoughts About Random Nonsense: A Non-fictionalized Guide to Positive Existing is ready to be read! I think of it as a companion guide to my first book My Life As A Retail Pharmacist: A Fictionalized Memoir. I had the Yin and now I have the Yang. I am finally complete. Even though the two books  couldn’t be more different, each is worth the read.

To celebrate, I have decided to complete this trifecta of craziness with a FREE promotion today only!

Just click on the book jacket icons to the right and download any or all titles.

I was having issues uploading My Thoughts About Random Nonsense to my widget panel. It’s a personal problem. I’m adapting; it’s all good.

Just hover over the synopsis in the previous post. You will be directed to the correct screen. Apologies for the additional click.

As always, thanks for reading!

welcome Autumn

A poem written by my wonderful mother –

Welcome Autumn
The hot summer winds have whispered  goodbye.
I greet this new season with a welcoming sigh.

Orange golden hues; the rusts and the reds,
such beautiful colors leave little unsaid.

The falling leaves rustle ‘neath my feet.
A colorful quilt, covering yards and street.

These autumn months give me time to prepare,
my heart and my mind for winter’s fare.

An album by a cool pianist –

George Winston – Autumn

A promotion sponsored by plain ol’ me –

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Fall into reading!